Sunday, January 23, 2022
News Porsche Delivers 1,000 Taycans in Norway In Under a Year

Porsche Delivers 1,000 Taycans in Norway In Under a Year

Taycan Porsche's hottest seller in Norway

  • Electric Taycan a Norwegian Hit

  • Doubling company sales in Scandanavian country

Norway has traditionally been a small market for Porsche. The automaker there sold around a hundred vehicles per year, a small enough figure that it was handled by a small importer rather than the company proper. Thanks to the new Taycan, things are changing. Fast.

Going on sale early this year, Porsche has already sold 1,000 of its electric Taycan sedan in Norway, with the 1,000th customer taking delivery earlier this month. That, Porsche says, means that the company’s sales have doubled compared with the same period last year.

The owner of car number 1,000, Thomas Røed, picked up his Porsche Taycan at Porsche Center Oslo. “My focus is not on driving as fast as possible on the track, I am more a touring man. The everyday joy of driving is most important to me. So, I feel at home in the term car enthusiast,” said Røed.

It’s his fifth Porsche, and he said he expected it to have the same driving characteristics as his other four, adding that “I really look forward to the first drive that goes up to the mountains.”

EV sales are huge in Norway, thanks to loads of clean energy and generous incentives. Electric cars now make up 50 percent of the market there, and Porsche expects that figure to continue to grow. Porsche itself is targeting half of new cars globally to have an electric driveline by 2025, with the next to be the Cross Turismo version of the Taycan next year.

“The Norwegian government is supporting electric mobility with a tax system that encourages choosing electrified cars, a great charging infrastructure and other measures. All this led to a great headstart of the Norwegian market on the way to emission-free car traffic. We want to be part of this with our great electrified sportscars,” said Barbara Frenkel, Vice President Region Europe at Porsche.


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