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NewsPorsche Digital Twin Will Predict Problems Before They Become Serious

Porsche Digital Twin Will Predict Problems Before They Become Serious

Porsche's Digital Twin system will have multiple uses

  • The Digital Twin technology will monitor many of the car’s components

  • Drivers can also be alerted to challenging road conditions

  • The system will provide a digital service history to help boost resale value

Porsche is developing a new technology called Digital Twin. This system will connect with other Porsche vehicles in order to alert drivers about faults with their vehicle or dangerous road conditions ahead.

Automakers are all working on creating connected services for their cars, many of them involving communication between vehicles on the road, but Porsche is the first to apply this thinking to car maintenance.

The Digital Twin will monitor several parameters of the vehicle’s components, notably the powertrain and the suspension system.

By comparing its readings with those of other Porsche vehicles on the road, the Digital Twin will be able to detect anomalies in the various systems of the car and alert the driver to have their vehicle inspected.

This could result in lower maintenance costs because components could be repaired or adjusted before it is too late and they need replacing. Furthermore, this could enhance safety, since drivers will be made aware of potential problems with their cars before they become serious enough to cause an accident.

Another benefit of the system is the ability to point mechanics to the parts that need to be inspected, so they don’t waste time trying to figure out the problem.

In addition, the communication between vehicles will inform drivers of hazardous road conditions, such as unexpectedly tight turns and low traction spots in an effort to reduce the risks associated with driving.

Another feature that will be part of the Digital Twin is a digital service history log. This could be very useful when owners want to sell their Porsche, since people on the market for used exotic cars are notoriously picky about the maintenance and service history of the cars they want to buy.

This electronic report will indicate if maintenance has been carried out at the correct intervals and if damages have occurred, which will help get a better resale value for owners who took good care of their Porsche.

This technology will be available starting in 2022 but a pilot project is already under way and the air suspension of about half of the Taycan models is being monitored.


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