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NewsPorsche EV Roadmap Calls for 80 Percent EV Sales by 2030

Porsche EV Roadmap Calls for 80 Percent EV Sales by 2030

Porsche outlines electric future including new models

  • 0-80 in 10 years might be Porsche’s fastest move yet

  • Company outlines new flagship and other EVs

Just three years after launching its first electric car, Porsche today said it’s planning to have 80 percent of its sales full EVs by 2030. And to help, it’s planning to add a new large luxury SUV as well as a new sports car line.

The roadmap for electrification came as part of the automaker’s Capital Markets day presentation, reports Evo. The roadmap talks mostly about converting the company’s existing portfolio to electric, a move made easier now that the Taycan EV outsells the 911 sports car.

A new electric flagship is on the way. A luxury SUV, it is expected to be sportier than the Cayenne as well as larger, built on a new platform that is a derivative of one to be used by Audi and Bentley. Developed as part of the VW Group Artemis project, it will have 900V electric architecture and oil-cooled motors.

Porsche plans an electric Panamera on the same platform as well as a second-gen Taycan, but those aren’t set to arrive until later in the decade.

An all-electric version of the 718 is on track to launch for 2025, and an all-electric Macan SUV is expected within the next couple of years as well. The launch is being delayed by software issues in the VW Group, but it’s not clear how much that will push back. Macan and the EV Cayenne will use Audi’s PPE platform.

So what about the 911? Expect a hybrid to come in the next few years, but this will likely remain the brand’s last gas model. What about it? And especially the GT models? Porsche is still planning on eFuels, sustainable synthetic gasoline that can cut tailpipe and fuel lifecycle emissions but leave the cars internal combustion powered.




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