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News Porsche Germany Boss Delighted With Interest in Taycan EV

Porsche Germany Boss Delighted With Interest in Taycan EV

Porsche Taycan drawing massive interest in home market

  • 60 percent of Euro buyers pick PHEV Panamera

  • Taycan buyers younger, more tech-savvy, bringing in more women

While the pandemic slowed Porsche deliveries by 25 percent at home, the brand’s boss in Germany said that the company is feeling optimistic. And that’s in no small part thanks to the electric Taycan that’s been charging out of dealership showrooms.

Managing Director of Porsche Germany Alexander Pollich spoke with Edison about the changes the company is making at home, including new virtual events, but it was the state of the company’s electrification that caught our attention.

The Taycan wasn’t Porsche’s first electrified vehicle, with that going to the Panamera and Cayenne hybrids. Those two are already popular, with 60 percent of buyers in Europe taking the Panamera PHEV and 30 percent for the Cayenne.

Pollich admitted there were still doubts about the Porsche Taycan with customers, not the design, but the idea of sports car genes in a full EV. But, he added, “with the Taycan we are now really stepping on the gas – or rather electricity! The dealers are doing well, the customer interest is huge,” Pollich said in the interview.

The executive said that there are still concerns in Germany about EV infrastructure, but that the Ionity charging network was quickly bridging that concern. 30 percent of Taycan buyers, Pollich said, are new to Porsche in Germany, and he expects that to grow. Maybe more importantly, they’re younger customers, on average, than the brand is used to. The proportion of women buying the Taycan is higher, too, something Porsche wants to continue to work on. “We want to make the brand more attractive for women and younger target groups, for example with events and marketing activities”, explained Pollich. He also pointed out a disproportionate amount of the car’s customers work in IT and are tech-savvy, a good sign for the brand.

2020 Porsche Taycan Turbo S Range

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