Saturday, October 23, 2021
News Porsche Getting Wireless CarPlay Finally Adding Android Auto

Porsche Getting Wireless CarPlay Finally Adding Android Auto

Porsche makes big infotainment upgrades

  • PCM 6.0 adds a host of new features including OTA updates

  • Will have Apple Music integration, wireless CarPlay

Porsche knows how to make its vehicles perform. Now it’s time for some of the software inside to catch up. Porsche Communication Management, the automaker’s infotainment software, is getting a new generation that launches this summer.

The most important changes? Porsche says that’s Apple Music and Apple Podcasts built-in as well as wireless Apple CarPlay. Android Auto is finally added to the Porsche system and the voice recognition can handle natural speech.

Porsche has said in the past that more than 80 percent of its users were on iPhone, but they’ve still added Android Auto for PCM 6.0. It’s still a wired-only connection, but that’s still a nice step for the small percentage of users with the device.

If you’re in the Apple majority, Porsche will let you integrate and sign into your Apple Music account for more than 75 million songs. It’s even free to stream for the first three years thanks to a free in-car internet connection from Porsche.

“We have succeeded in combining the classic radio experience with the modern streaming experience,” says Martin Bayer, Manager Navigation and Infotainment at Porsche. “It is not just about listening to audio content, but rather the in-depth integration of Apple Music and Apple Podcasts built into the Porsche infotainment system. With Apple Music built-in, the driver can add a song they hear on broadcast radio to their Apple Music library or, if the driver likes a particular artist on the radio, they can switch to a custom Apple Music station that will only play that artist’s music.”

The voice recognition software now responds to a “Hey Porsche” command. It will then understand phrases like “I’m cold” to turn up the heat or “I need gas” to direct you to a station. It’s a permanently online system that will learn new phrases over time.

The system adds some Taycan features like a digital owner manual as well as integrated calendar entries and conference call connection. OTA updates will be offered.

Lastly, the new hardware offers faster navigation calculations and real-time traffic. Porsche says it has reduced the map view and made it clearer, which helps with the speed.

PCM 6.0 will launch this summer on 911, Cayenne, and Panamera. Expect it on the rest of the automaker’s lineup in time.

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