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NewsPorsche Official Confirms Gas Boxster, Cayman Dead Next Year

Porsche Official Confirms Gas Boxster, Cayman Dead Next Year

More electric Porsches coming

  • 718 models are moving exclusively to electric power

  • Gas versions already gone in Europe

If you already own a Porsche 718 Boxster or Cayman or have one on order, we’ve got good news. For everyone else, well, you might want to sit down. The gasoline models will be dead by the middle of next year.

It’s all in the name of progress, Porsche production manager Albrecht Reimold told Automobilwoche. Reimold confirmed that Porsche is moving forward with all-electric replacements for its 718 models. For customers in Europe, the model has already been gone from the market, leaving earlier in the year after new EU cybersecurity rules took effect.

The change means you can expect to see the electric 718 models sooner rather than later. They’ll likely start production just a short time after production of the gas models stops. Enough time for Porsche to re-tool the lines where the cars are built.

For Macan customers, the gas version of that model will also not be around much longer. Reimold said that Porsche would be fully committed to the electric Macan by mid-2026. At that point, he said, the company would have trouble with parts availability unless it designed a new generation of gas model—something the company is not planning to do.

If you’re worried about the new 718 models, Reimold suggests you shouldn’t be. “The 718 is predestined for electric drive,” he said. “It will be a really fun car. I have already driven it.”


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