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NewsPorsche Partners With Advanced Suspension Startup

Porsche Partners With Advanced Suspension Startup

Software heavy shocks are the future

  • ClearMotion developing software-defined suspensions

  • New system promises better ride, handling

Porsche is working on bringing an entirely new generation of suspension systems to market. The automaker has partnered with Boston-based ClearMotion to develop advanced chassis systems.

The company’s announcement said that the Porsche and ClearMotion would collaborate on both the latter’s ClearMotion1 and RoadMotion suspension technologies. That inlcudes a license agreement. “The planned collaboration is intended to lay the groundwork for evaluating an even closer cooperation with ClearMotion in the future”, says Ingo Albers, Vice President Drive System at Porsche.

Clearmotion’s CM1 is a “high-bandwidth active suspension technology.” It uses an electrohydraulic device at each corner of the vehicle that constantly monitors, processes, and responds to road conditions. The company says it cuts motion inside a car by 75 percent compared with the best currently available tech.

RoadMotion, the other half of the collaboration, is a “road surface fingerprinting software.” It collects road data from multiple vehicles and then sends that to the cloud. The data allows vehicles to not just adapt to the road as they reach imperfections, corners, and bumps but to know where they are before the car gets there.

Porsche said the goal is to “increase the famously high performance of the already very agile and dynamic chassis in Porsche models.” The tech could also be used in other VW Group products.



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