Wednesday, October 5, 2022
News Porsche Sold More of the Taycan Than the 911 Between January and...

Porsche Sold More of the Taycan Than the 911 Between January and September

Porsche buyers might not be so attached to gasoline engines, after all

  • 28,640 Taycans were sold, compared to 27,972 911s

  • Global deliveries are up by 13 percent over 2020

  • The Cayenne is still the most successful Porsche model

Despite the pandemic and the related semi-conductor shortage, Porsche has seen an increase of 13 percent in its sales.

Indeed, the company managed to increase sales of each of its models, as well as showing improvement in every market where it is present.

Porsche’s biggest market is China, where it sold 69,789 vehicles since January, but the biggest increase over 2020 came from the United States, where 51,615 cars where sold, compared to 39,734 over the same period last year, an increase of 30%.

The most surprising news, however, is that the all-electric Taycan has surpassed the iconic 911 in terms of global sales for the first time.

The Taycan is currently in its second full year on the market and it already sold 668 units more than Porsche’s flagship model.

This is interesting, because it shows most Porsche buyers are not opposed to electrification, which means the 911 could become electric, since there seems to be disagreements in the management team of the automaker over whether or not this could be a good idea.

Seeing the Taycan sell more than the 911 could convince some of the managers that swore to keep the 911 gasoline powered to change their thinking and reconsider the prospect.

Seeing high electric sales is obviously good news for the company, since it is preparing to make most of its lineup electric in the next decade, starting with the 718 Cayman and Boxster models as well as the next generation of Macan that is due for 2024.

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