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NewsPorsche Taycan EV seduces more than 20,000 potential buyers

Porsche Taycan EV seduces more than 20,000 potential buyers

Porsche confirms that it has had more than 20,000 registrations requiring a deposit on its all-new electric car, the Taycan.

The Porsche Taycan has not been revealed yet that it sparks a lot of interests. Indeed, the German manufacturer revealed last week, at the Geneva Motor Show, that more than 20,000 people were interested in this new product.

These 20,000 potential buyers were seduced by Porsche’s new electric car, which will be presented to the public next September. Porsche confirms that this number is the number of people already registered to join a list of potential buyers and which, in Europe, requires a €2,500 deposit. 3,000 of these people are from Norway.

Following the growing popularity of the model, Porsche CEO Oliver Blume talks about how they will tackle this “problem” in a recent interview with autogazette.de. He first talks about the number of surprising potential buyers: “This is a significantly higher figure than we expected: we usually only see ordering peaks after the first driving reports are available, when the vehicle is presented, and when customers have been able to sit in the car in real life.”

We now understand why Porsche announced in January that it was boosting production numbers from 20,000 to 40,000 units per year. Following this, Blume adds: “In light of the extraordinarily high level of demand, we will increase our production capacities. If there are waiting times, we might take the opportunity to gently introduce customers to the Taycan; so for example, we could make a Panamera plug-in hybrid temporarily available to customers before they receive a Taycan. But right now we’re awaiting the start of production before we talk about specific delivery times.”

In the same interview, Blume confirms that the Porsche Taycan will be offered with two battery sizes. Like Tesla and Audi, Porsche will produce versions with the largest capacity batteries first.

As for the entry-level version of the Taycan, with the smaller battery, it will hit the market priced under €100,000, added Porsche’s boss.

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