Friday, May 27, 2022
News Porsche Triples Online Sales Through New Portal

Porsche Triples Online Sales Through New Portal

Online sales way up at Porsche

  • Canadian dealers offering new stock exclusively through online portal

  • Site generating 110,000 leads for in-person dealers

Porsche has started taking a whole lot more orders than ever before. Online orders from customers, that is, with the figure tripling in 2021 compared with the year before, as the automaker adds more and more online sales capability.

The automaker has online marketplaces in 100 markets around the world, with 26 of those allowing Porsche to sell directly to customers. The sales channel launched in Germany in 2019 and arrived at all of its major European markets last year.

5,800 online orders is the figure, Porsche says, a not insignificant part of the company’s 302,000 total sales for the calendar year. Porsche says that around 110,000 sales leads were generated through the online channel, that figure up 61 percent from the year before.

For Canadian buyers, the company’s site is the exclusive marketing channel for new Porsches. Worldwide, the automaker says 94 percent of its dealers use the digital marketplace for their new and used vehicles. Around 1.1 million users use Porsche’s new online vehicle search every month.

Our goal is to make Porsche products conveniently accessible anytime, anywhere. Both at the dealership and online. We are further networking systems and processes to ensure a first-class omnichannel experience,” says Jacqueline Smith-Dubendorfer, Vice President Smart Mobility & Digital Sales.


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