Monday, July 15, 2024
NewsPorsche Upgrades Main Plant to Build EV 718 and ICE 911 at...

Porsche Upgrades Main Plant to Build EV 718 and ICE 911 at Same Time

Porsche bringing manufacturing into next-generation

  • 911 and 718 EV will roll down same line

  • Will also build V8s and E-Motors together

Porsche is making big changes at its main plant in Zuffenhausen. The facility will be upgraded to help it build EVs alongside flat-six models, and to increase the levels of automation and facilitate moving vehicles around the site.

The automaker needs to be able to build its next-generation 718 models, which will be electric vehicles, alongside the gas-powered (and potentially hybrid) 911. The upgrades will help make that possible, increasing plant efficiency.

The Zuffenhausen plant will also get upgrades based on things Porsche has learned when building the new Taycan EV. Those include new automated guided vehicles to move the cars from point to point. The first autonomous Porsche EVs are factory robots, not ‘Ring-slaying machines.

Porsche will be adding new quality assurance stations as well. These include upgraded test procedures, an acoustic bench that can handle EV-specific needs, and a new light tunnel to better check paintwork.

V8 engines and electric motors will soon be assembled in the same facility. The engine plant where Porsche has built V8s for Panamera and Cayenne since 2016 will soon also be able to handle electric motors. Those will be headed to Macan production at Leipzig (starting next year), but seeing both built in the same shop is a new innovation.


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