Tuesday, July 5, 2022
News Porsche Wants to Make Battery Production More Sustainable

Porsche Wants to Make Battery Production More Sustainable

Porsche wants to use more sustainable batteries to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030

  • Batteries are the most polluting part of an EVs assembly process

  • Porsche wants to become carbon neutral by 2030

  • The company requires suppliers to use renewable energy and local materials

Porsche wants to tackle the most polluting part of electric vehicle production by reducing the emissions created by the manufacturing of the battery pack.

Making batteries the size of those used in electric vehicles is a very resource heavy process that generates a lot of emissions, so much in fact, that it can account for around 40% of all of the emissions cause by the manufacture of a vehicle, as it does in the case of the Porsche Taycan.

In order to reach its goal that is to become carbon neutral by 2030, Porsche is adding electric models to its lineup. After the Taycan and Taycan Cross Turismo sports cars, an electric version of its bestselling Macan compact SUV is coming next year and electric models that will replace the Boxster and Cayenne have also been hinted at.

This is due to environmental protection laws in Europe and China that are tightening and making it harder for automakers to justify keeping internal combustion engines around for many years, when they could be banned from many markets.

To reduce the emissions generated by the batteries of all of these vehicles, Porsche is requiring its suppliers to only use renewable electricity in their manufacturing process, in addition to sourcing all of their raw materials locally to limit pollution caused by transporting components.

The automaker is also asking battery suppliers to develop new chemistries that are more efficient and power-dense, which would require smaller batteries to achieve the same performance, therefore generating less pollution and using less rare-earth materials.

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