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NewsProduction Honda Prelude Revealed At Goodwood

Production Honda Prelude Revealed At Goodwood

Honda Prelude coming to Goodwood

  • Honda building Prelude hybrid for Europe

  • Celebrates 25 years of Honda hybrids

Honda is building the new Prelude. The Civic-based model will be a hybrid at launch, but the company isn’t ruling out other engines. So far, the 2025 Honda Prelude has been confirmed for Europe but not North America.

The plan is to showcase the new Honda Prelude at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend. That’s where we’ll see the production model for the first time. But this is Honda, which means the concept and the production model will be all but identical, so we already know what it will look like. We also know it’ll be a hybrid because Honda has said it will be a celebration of 25 years of electrified Hondas.

We know a bit more about the car because Auto Express spoke with Honda’s chief engineer on the project, Tomoyuki Yamagami.

When asked about a Prelude Type R, Auto Express said Yamagami replied with a smirk. He said there’s no immediate plan but that the Type R’s 2.0T engine would definitely fit. The Prelude uses the Civic’s chassis, meaning that anything that fits the Civic underneath (including suspensions) will likely fit.

Yamagami talked about the car’s “joy of driving.” Hondas have never been about massive power, instead they’re cars that are excellent to steer. If you’re going fast or not. The engineer said this would be agile and lightweight, likening it to a glider.

After the Goodwood reveal, expect the car to be on sale later this year or early next. But we’re still waiting impatiently for Honda to confirm it will be coming to the U.S. or Canada.


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