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NewsProduction Tesla Roadster to be revealed before the End of the Year

Production Tesla Roadster to be revealed before the End of the Year

  • A 0-60 mph time of under a second is considered for the new Roadster.

  • The car was first unveiled in 2017.


The second-generation Tesla Roadster was unveiled in 2017, yet as February 2024 draws to a close, the sports car is still a no-show. In fact, the automaker even had time to present the Cybertruck and begin delivery of the first trucks a few months ago. The new sports car was not a priority for the automaker, that’s clear.

Tesla Roadster | Photo: Tesla
Tesla Roadster | Photo: Tesla

However, there may be a glimmer of hope on the horizon since the publication of a promising post from Elon Musk, the co-founder of the purely electric brand. On his X account (formerly Twitter), he announced that the final production model of the new Roadster would be unveiled by the end of the year.

Remember that Tesla’s controversial CEO has already indicated that there would never see another car like this one, even adding that it was even possible to consider it as something else than a car. “I think it has a chance to be the most breathtaking product demonstration of all time,” he added on his X account.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk | Photo : Tesla

The goal behind this conditional announcement would be to start delivering the first copies of the electric supercar in 2025. The snag in this story is that the automaker doesn’t have a very good reputation when it comes to the accuracy of its delivery times. Several delays have been noted over the years, and it’s safe to assume that the Roadster won’t escape this trend. In fact, version 2.0 was supposed to hit the market in 2020, but the pandemic has changed a lot of things for automakers…  and for everybody, it’s safe to say.

Where it gets interesting is that the car’s development, though delayed, could surpass what was promised in 2017. Back then, acceleration to 60 mph was a matter of 1.9 second, according to the company. Since then, however, this time has been reduced to less than a second, and according to Mr. Musk, this detail is insignificant compared to the car’s other innovations.

Tesla Roadster | Photo: Tesla

However, we’ll have to wait for the production car to arrive before we can claim victory for this staggering acceleration time. It’s another story of ups and downs that we’ll certainly be keeping an eye on in the weeks and months to come.


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