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News Project V: Caterham's Bold Venture into the Electric Future

Project V: Caterham’s Bold Venture into the Electric Future

Caterham disrupts its legacy with Project V, a fully electric coupé, combining innovation, power, and sustainability.


·      Caterham breaks its own mold with Project V, a fully electric coupé concept.

·      Project V embodies a mix of rapid charging, high performance, and minimalist design.

·      The new coupé, balancing daily practicality and exhilarating sprints, ushers in a fresh era for Caterham.


In an unconventional development, Caterham, renowned for its long-standing commitment to lightweight, driver-focused vehicles, has unveiled Project V. This electric coupé concept represents a significant departure from the company’s historic design philosophy and is anticipated to arrive in late 2025 or early 2026.

Caterham Project V | Photo : Caterham
Caterham Project V | Photo : Caterham

Project V, the brainchild of Chief Designer Anthony Jannarelly, is a radical reimagining of Caterham’s automotive approach. Created in collaboration with the esteemed Italian engineering firm Italdesign, this concept marks Caterham’s first venture into the realm of fully electric vehicles.

Caterham Project V | Photo : Caterham
Caterham Project V | Photo : Caterham

Powered by a robust 200kW (268hp) single motor situated in the rear axle and a 55kWh USOC lithium-ion battery pack, Project V combines environmental sustainability with potent performance. A rapid charging capability allows for an impressive 20-80% recharge in just 15 minutes, signifying a monumental leap in Caterham’s technological capabilities.

Caterham Project V | Photo : Caterham
Caterham Project V | Photo : Caterham

Project V promises a thrilling ride, boasting 0-100 kph acceleration in under 4.5 seconds and an estimated top speed of 143mph (230kph). With an ambitious WLTP range target of 400 km (249 miles), Caterham is poised to redefine the sports electric vehicle market, as offerings are extremely limited in this segment.

Caterham Project V | Photo : Caterham
Caterham Project V | Photo : Caterham

Despite its revolutionary nature, Project V maintains Caterham’s trademark minimalist design philosophy. Its lightweight and simple aesthetic is reminiscent of the iconic Seven, with an innovative carbon fibre and aluminium composite chassis aimed at achieving a kerb weight of 1,190kg.

Bob Laishley, CEO of Caterham Cars Ltd and COO of the newly established Caterham EVo, emphasises that Project V is more than a concept—it’s a testament to Caterham’s adaptability and commitment to preserving its distinct identity while pioneering in the electric arena.

Caterham Project V | Photo : Caterham
Caterham Project V | Photo : Caterham

Project V’s interior is, according to the manufacturer, equally groundbreaking, as it features a driver-centric infotainment system with smartphone mirroring and a digital instrument cluster. Catering to diverse driving needs, Project V offers Normal, Sport, and Sprint driving modes, each optimising the vehicle’s acceleration and steering.

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In collaboration with Italdesign, Caterham has ensured that Project V is not a replacement for the Seven, but a complement to it. By harnessing the benefits of EV packaging within a practical coupé body style, Project V is equally at home on the school run, Sunday morning sprints, or trips to the shops.

Caterham Project V | Photo : Caterham
Caterham Project V | Photo : Caterham

The unveiling of Project V at the Goodwood Festival of Speed heralds a bold new era for Caterham. This electric coupé concept, a significant departure from Caterham’s traditional focus yet echoing its key values, promises to be a game-changer for the brand.

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