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NewsProjected Lithium Production Will be Insufficient to Meet Future Emission Target

Projected Lithium Production Will be Insufficient to Meet Future Emission Target

Increasing demand and stringent emission requirements globally could mean the US will not meet its 2030 targets

  • The Biden administration wants to cut the sale of new gasoline-powered vehicles by 50% by 2030 – this will require lots of lithium.

  • Current demand for EVs has caused lithium to double in price this year alone.

While many regions and countries have announced emission restrictions and EV sales targets in the recent past, the US Inflation Reduction Act and its provisions for reducing greenhouse gases are shining a brighter light on a serious problem: There isn’t enough lithium to go around to make it all happen.

The Biden administration hopes to reduce the sale of internal combustion engine vehicles to 50% by 2030 which could potentially reduce greenhouse gas output by 40% from 2005 levels. Increasing the number of electric vehicles available for purchase is key but some think not everything will go according to plan.

Current lithium availability, which is the most critical mineral used in EV battery production, might be insufficient enough to meet some of the most ambitious targets. Therefore, more needs to be done to mine the material.

Keith Phillips, CEO of Piedmont Lithium, told yahoo!news that: “Yes, we’ll [eventually] have enough, but not by that time. There’s going to be a real crunch to get the material. We don’t have enough in the world to turn that much [lithium] production in the world by 2035.”

Demand for lithium is expected to grow 40 times in the next two decades, meaning that issues such as the slow mining permitting process must be revised in the US in order to address future demand.

“Projects get permitted [in Australia] in under a year,” Phillips explained. “Here, it’s two, four, six, seven, eight years, which is a problem, especially in a business that’s booming so fast.”


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