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NewsRalph Nader Wants the NHTSA to Forcibly Remove Tesla’s FSD Technology

Ralph Nader Wants the NHTSA to Forcibly Remove Tesla’s FSD Technology

Tesla’s Full Self Driving technology is under fire

  • The consumer advocate calls Tesla’s FSD dangerous and irresponsible.

  • The NHTSA is looking into requiring Tesla’s Autopilot to be recalled.

Those who own a Tesla with Autopilot or paid the massive premium for the Full Self Driving (FSD) option swear by it. There have been numerous reports of crashes occurring while FSD was in use. The issues have led consumer advocate and former Presidential candidate Ralph Nader to request that the NHTSA order the removal of the technology from Tesla vehicles.

Three More Fatal Tesla Crashes will be Investigated by the NHTSA

Of the many concerns related to FSD, complaints of sudden braking are common (we’ve experienced it) and could be one of the numerous reasons why so many Autopilot/FSD accidents have been reported. Relatedly, the name “Full Self Driving” is cause for concern as it is extremely misleading – some countries have banned Tesla from marketing the technology under this name.

Because of all of this, Nader called Tesla’s deployment of the system “one of the most dangerous and irresponsible actions by a car company in decades,” as reported by Green Car Reports.

“NHTSA must use its safety recall authority to order that the FSD technology be removed in every Tesla,” Nader said. “Tesla should never have put this technology in its vehicles. Now over 100,000 Tesla owners are currently using technology that research shows malfunctions every eight minutes.”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk continues to boast that fully-autonomous driving is only a software update away, and has since 2016. It seems clear that the technology is not entirely ready and that customers are serving as testers.


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