Sunday, March 26, 2023
News Ram will Unveil it Electric Pickup at the CES

Ram will Unveil it Electric Pickup at the CES

Ram will use the 2023 CES to unveil its electric Ram Revolution pickup.

The last three years have seen a flurry of announcements about the possible arrival of fully electric pickup trucks on the market. Even the big players like GM and Ford are interested, but one brand is still missing: Ram.

Fortunately, the wait is coming to an end, as the automaker took advantage of its highly electrified booth at the SEMA Show – where the Dodge Charger SRT concept is on display, among other things – to unveil this darkened image of its Ram 1500 Revolution pickup, which it plans to show for the first time in this same Nevada city, at CES, which takes place in January.

The annual meeting brings together the biggest names in the technology industry, and automakers have caught on. In fact, more and more unveilings are taking place during the early-year show.

As expected, Ram intends to offer electrified options in the majority of the segments it operates in, starting in 2025. However, 2030 is when Ram plans to market only electrified vehicles, a new direction that will likely begin with this first electron-powered pickup.

Production of this new electric truck will begin in 2024, and Ram is even talking about the superior capabilities of its product, especially in terms of range, maximum towing weight, charging capacity, and recharging time, a detail that shouldn’t take too long, especially for a truck owner who is called upon to serve on a construction site, for example.

In this side photo of the electric truck, we can see that the silhouette is not too different from the current vehicle, the design department not wanting to upset its pool of loyal customers.

See you next January for a complete unveiling of the Ram 1500 electric truck.

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