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NewsRange Rover Electric Prototypes Endure Global Testing

Range Rover Electric Prototypes Endure Global Testing

New All-Electric Range Rover Models Face Arctic Circle and Desert Heat in Rigorous Trials

Range Rover will soon be introducing its first fully electric vehicles. The prototypes are currently undergoing a series of demanding tests across diverse global environments to ensure performance and durability. Notably, the prototypes have been spotted in the Arctic Circle, where they are being fine-tuned to withstand extreme cold, with temperatures dipping as low as -40°F (-40°C).

2025 Range Rover Electric Prototype | Photo: Range Rover

The debut of these all-electric models follows a comprehensive year-long process involving meticulous component development and virtual assessments. The designs of the prototypes maintain the signature Range Rover aesthetic with an all-black, uncamouflaged finish that emphasizes their high-quality construction.

Concurrently, the vehicles are being tested in the heat extremes of the Middle East, with temperatures soaring up to +122°F (+50°C). This extensive testing regime aims to perfect the vehicle’s all-electric drivetrain, focusing on the battery and Electric Drive Unit (EDU), crucial for the vehicle’s power transmission, electric motor, and electronic controls.

In-house development by Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has led to advancements in the vehicle’s propulsion system. This includes a pioneering traction control system that enhances performance on icy and other low-grip surfaces. Unlike conventional traction systems that rely heavily on the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), this new system operates directly through each electric drive control unit. This setup drastically reduces torque reaction times to as brief as one millisecond, allowing for superior handling and stability.

2025 Range Rover Electric Prototype | Photo: Range Rover

The software crafted by JLR engineers plays an important role in refining the vehicle’s traction capabilities, enabling precise control over the EDU speed and wheel slip. This technology significantly reduces reliance on ABS, facilitating improved traction across varying terrains.

Thomas Mueller, Executive Director of Product Engineering, stressed the rigorous testing framework designed to push the electric Range Rover to its limits.

2025 Range Rover Electric Prototype | Photo: Range Rover


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