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NewsRapid 10%-80% 10-Minute EV Charging Achieved by StoreDot

Rapid 10%-80% 10-Minute EV Charging Achieved by StoreDot

Israeli firm StoreDot has developed a technology allowing electric vehicles to be charged in just 10 minutes without battery degradation.


  • StoreDot’s silicon-based battery cells withstand extreme fast charging without wear after 1,000 cycles.

  • Fast charging from 10% to 80% capacity was achieved in 10 minutes during tests, with slower charging for the remaining capacity.

  • Artificial intelligence and unique compound synthesis were used to achieve this breakthrough.


As highlighted by Wards Auto, StoreDot, an Israeli battery tech company, has made significant progress in fast-charging technologies for electric vehicles (EVs). Their innovation claims to recharge an EV’s battery in a mere 10 minutes, an advancement that could revolutionize the electric automotive industry.

Dane Hardware, Ford Motor Co. design and release engineer, and Mary Fredrick, Ford Motor Co. battery validation engineer, measure the voltage of a battery using a digital multi-meter at Ford’s Battery Benchmarking and Test Laboratory in Allen Park, Michigan. Since this battery is not connected to a test setup, the meter is used to confirm the battery voltage and check isolation.

StoreDot’s key differentiator is its silicon-heavy battery cells, which underwent extensive long-term testing. Impressively, these cells exhibited no signs of degradation even after undergoing 1,000 rapid charging cycles. During the tests, the batteries were fast-charged from a 10% to 80% capacity within the 10-minute window.

Porsche Taycan battery | Photo: Porsche

The residual charging (both from 0% to 10% and from 80% to 100%) took place at a slower pace. To ensure comprehensive analysis, these cells were also subjected to slow-charging tests across the full 0% to 100% capacity range. Their performance remained consistent, matching the lifespan of batteries that were consistently slow-charged.

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The breakthrough, according to StoreDot, is a blend of advanced compound synthesis and the use of artificial intelligence (AI). The company has synthesized a mix of proprietary organic and inorganic compounds. Subsequently, AI algorithms were employed to refine and optimize the charging process. Such a development means that electric vehicles can now be recharged in a timeframe that’s similar to the one of refueling traditional internal combustion engine vehicles at a gas station.

In Brussels, the chassis, transmission, e-motor, and high-voltage battery are installed in the body of the Audi Q8 e-tron.

StoreDot’s CEO, Dr. Doron Myersdorf, emphasized the significance of this achievement. He highlighted that the extensive testing under various conditions showcases the resilience and reliability of their battery tech. He added that the robustness of the battery remains consistent irrespective of the charging habits, frequency, or power of the charger used by the driver. This innovation could pave the way for a more widespread adoption of electric vehicles in the future.


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