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NewsRare Mopar Collection Set for Kissimmee 2024 Auction

Rare Mopar Collection Set for Kissimmee 2024 Auction

An extraordinary set of 11 Mopar vehicles, meticulously collected by Kevin Sergent over 40 years, is slated for the Mecum Auctions’ event in Kissimmee 2024.


  • Kevin Sergent, a Mopar collector for over 40 years, is offering 11 of the rarest Mopar cars for auction.

  • Ten of the cars are Plymouth Superbirds, with the remaining one being a Dodge Charger Daytona.

  • The auction will also feature 14 other Mopars from Sergent’s collection, providing a diverse range for collectors.


A unique collection of Mopar vehicles is set to go under the hammer at Mecum Auctions’ upcoming Kissimmee 2024 event. This assemblage, touted as a rare opportunity for muscle car enthusiasts, is the result of over four decades of passionate collecting by Kevin Sergent.

Among the 11 cars, ten are Plymouth Superbirds. These Superbirds come in a variety of distinctive colors from their time, offering potential buyers a plethora of choices. One particular standout is the Moulin Rouge Superbird. Though not its original shade, its vibrancy makes it a head-turner. Another noteworthy mention is the Hemi Superbird, which, despite its extensive modifications, retains its charm.

Plymouth Superbird | Photo : Mecum

The collection’s crown jewel, however, might be the lone Dodge Charger Daytona, bathed in the iconic EV2 Hemi Orange color. This Daytona houses a 440 cubic-inch V-8 engine, paired with an automatic transmission. Historically, while 1935 Plymouth Superbirds were manufactured in a single production year, just slightly over 500 Charger Daytonas were made and sold. Given its rarity, the Daytona might just emerge as the most sought-after vehicle in the lot.

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In addition to these Superbirds and Daytona marvels, 14 other Mopar vehicles from Sergent’s expansive collection will be on the block, making the auction a veritable treasure trove for collectors. Those in attendance will experience something reminiscent of stepping into a Dodge or Plymouth showroom circa 1970, complete with a diverse range of specifications and hues.

Plymouth Superbird | Photo : Mecum

For a closer look at some of the vehicles on offer, a video tour of part of the collection is available, giving enthusiasts a sneak peek into what awaits them at the auction.

Plymouth Superbird | Photo : Mecum


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