Monday, January 17, 2022
News Recent Tesla Update Includes Tire Wear Monitoring

Recent Tesla Update Includes Tire Wear Monitoring

  • New Tesla update appears to add a new tire wear monitoring system

  • New feature can also detect uneven wear

  • System likely monitors tire rotation speed to determine wear

The recent Tesla system update brings with it a new feature that can detect if the tire tread is over-worn in addition to informing the driver if the tire wear is uneven.

Tire wear monitoring appeared in the 2021.44.5 update.

Tesla has not confirmed the new feature, but Drive Tesla Canada noticed the update and published the information. An image posted by the publication confirms an excessive wear message for the rear tire and recommends the owner schedule an appointment to inspect and rotate the tires if needed.

The majority of new vehicles sold today are able to measure air pressure in the tire, but Tesla is the first manufacturer to be able to measure tread thickness.

Tesla being Tesla, very little information has been released about this new feature and even less about how it works. That said, it’s likely that a sensor measures the speed of the tire, which decreases if the tread shrinks. As for uneven wear, a different rotation speed between two tires recorded by the same type of sensor would allow to detect it.

Via Motor1

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