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Refreshed 2025 Audi Q7 PHEV and Q8 PHEV Get More Range, Remain Europe Only

Audi refreshes the 2025 Q7 and Q8 PHEV, but doesn't plan to sell them in North America, at least for now.

  • At the moment, these models are not expected to be offered in North America.

  • The refreshed models will offer up to 90 km of electric range according to the WLTP City cycle.

  • The PHEVs also receive optional all-wheel steering and active roll stabilization for the first time.

A few months after having unveiled the refreshed version of its large Q7 and Q8 SUVs for the 2025 model year, Audi releases more details about the plug-in hybrid version of both.

Like before, these models will be powered by a 3.0L V6 engine paired with a hybrid system, but they will now be more powerful and offer more electric range.

This is because the battery has been redesigned to be more power-dense, allowing for a capacity of 25.9 kWh to be stored under the floor of the cargo compartment.

2025 Audi Q7 TFSI e quattro | Photo: Audi

The result is an all-electric range that is advertised at up to 90 kilometres according to the WLTP City cycle. It is important to remember, however, that this testing method is generally much more optimistic than the EPA standard we are used to in North America.

As with many Audi vehicles, the same powertrain will be offered in two states of tune with the 55 TFSI e Quattro benefitting from 394 horsepower and 443 lb-ft of torque, and the 60 TSFI e Quattro delivering 490 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque.

Charging an empty battery can be done in three hours and 45 minutes at a maximum rate of 7.4 kW.

2025 Audi Q8 TFSI e quattro | Photo: Audi

Revisions to the powertrain software will also help the 2025 Q7 PHEV and Q8 PHEV be more efficient, notably by linking the battery management system with the navigation system in order to make the best use of electric power on a trip, ensuring that the vehicle burns as little fuel as possible.

The vehicle will also now use the forward-facing radar sensor to determine whether to coast with the engine on or off when the driver lifts their foot off the accelerator, depending on the distance to the car ahead.

The fully electric mode has also been modified to stay active even if the accelerator pedal is pushed to the floor, limiting the top speed to 135 km/h.

2025 Audi Q8 TFSI e quattro | Photo: Audi

Like other versions of the 2025 Audi Q7 and Q8, the plug-in variants receive additional features as part of the refresh, including optional matrix LED headlamps with customizable DRL signature, OLED rear lamps, new wheel designs, new driver assistance systems, and new decorative trims for the interior.

Most importantly, the plug-in hybrid versions will now be available for the first time with options such as all-wheel steering and active roll stabilization, two technologies that improve handling and manoeuvrability, according to Audi.

As with the previous models, the 2025 Audi Q7 TFSI e Quattro and Q8 TFSI e Quattro plug-in hybrid versions will not be available in North America, at least, not at launch.

2025 Audi Q7 TFSI e quattro | Photo: Audi

This means that Canadian buyers interested in Audi’s largest and most expensive non-electric SUVs will have a choice between a turbocharged four-cylinder and a turbocharged 3.0L V6, both of which will be fitted with a mild hybrid system. The more exclusive Q8 comes with the six-cylinder as standard.

For more performance, the SQ7 and SQ8 come with a turbocharged 4.0L V8 and the even more dynamic RS Q8 benefits from a more powerful version of this last engine.

It will be interesting to see if Audi decides to bring the plug-in version of these models to North America in the coming years, especially since the automaker plans to have more and more electrified vehicles in its lineup as the decade progresses.

2025 Audi Q8 TFSI e quattro | Photo: Audi
2025 Audi Q8 TFSI e quattro | Photo: Audi
2025 Audi Q7 TFSI e quattro | Photo: Audi
2025 Audi Q7 TFSI e quattro | Photo: Audi


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