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NewsRenault and Volkswagen Explore Partnership on Compact Electric Vehicle

Renault and Volkswagen Explore Partnership on Compact Electric Vehicle

Renault engages in discussions with Volkswagen and other industry players to co-develop a cost-effective small EV for the European market.

Renault has taken has initiated talks with Volkswagen to collaborate on a small electric vehicle (EV) designed for the European market. This partnership could mark a pivotal moment in the quest to make electric mobility more accessible and affordable to a wider audience.

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Renault’s CEO, Luca de Meo, revealed these discussions during the Geneva auto show, highlighting the company’s ambition to lead in the low-cost EV sector. The focal point of this initiative is the next-generation Twingo, which Renault aims to price under €20,000, targeting a launch in 2026. De Meo emphasized the company’s readiness and openness to collaborations, boasting of Renault’s ample production capacity, robust platform, and expertise in electric vehicle production.


The push for more affordable EVs in Europe is a response to the growing competition from Chinese automakers, who are increasingly targeting the European market with competitively priced electric vehicles. According to Automotive News, Renault’s strategy with the Twingo EV is not just about price competitiveness but also about innovation and sustainability, with considerations for cost-effective battery technologies like lithium iron phosphate (LFP).


Volkswagen, on the other hand, is navigating challenges in introducing affordable small EVs that can compete with combustion-engine models in terms of price. The potential partnership with Renault could be a strategic move for VW to accelerate its entry into this segment, potentially leveraging the Twingo’s platform for its own subcompact electric models.

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This development comes at a time when the European automotive industry is witnessing collaborations among manufacturers to address the challenges of producing minicars profitably. Historical partnerships, such as Toyota’s collaboration with Peugeot and Citroen, and Ford’s with Fiat, demonstrate the importance of joint ventures in overcoming the economic hurdles associated with the small car market.


De Meo, with his rich background in revitalizing the Fiat 500 and his leadership at VW’s Seat brand, brings valuable experience to the table. He stressed the unprofitability of small cars under current conditions but remains optimistic about the potential of electric drivetrains to redefine the economics of small vehicle production.


Renault’s ambitious goal to slash the costs of the new electric Twingo by up to 40% reflects a broader strategy to make electric vehicles more accessible. This cost reduction is expected to benefit not just the Twingo but also future models like the Renault 5 and the upcoming Renault 4 SUV, promising a more affordable and sustainable electric future.



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