Saturday, July 2, 2022
News Report: BMW Already Working on New M3 CS

Report: BMW Already Working on New M3 CS

More Competition Sport for M3?

  • Lighter, sharper version of M car

  • BMW M continues to expand lineup

The new BMW M3 is barely on sale, but reports of the quicker one coming are already out. With a CS version of the G80 BMW M3 already being worked on by the company’s engineers expanding that special badge’s presence once again.

BMW said a few years back that it had plans to expand the CS, for Competition Sport, lineup to be more common than it had been. The last-gen M3 and M4 got the treatment, as did the M2 and even the M5.

What’s in store for a new M3 CS? BMW Blog, which says that they have sources who have confirmed the news of that new model, has some fun speculation to share. To start, lots of weight shaving for the now-portly M3. While weight shaving on a modern car often means a few meagre kilos, dropping the AWD system for rear-drive could make a massive impact. It could also bring back the stick-shift, so don’t expect either.

Do expect carbon fibre on more parts of the car, as well as a few more ponies than the 503 of the Competition. Not too many, based on BMWs past, more like 10-20. It will also likely see stickier rubber and suspension tuning made even more extreme to turn the car into a track-ready rocket. Of course it will probably also be quite expensive since the standard M3 Competition is already knocking on the door of 90 large. We’ll eagerly await BMW’s official news about when and what we can expect from a new M3 CS.

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