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NewsReport: Ford to Possibly Revive Thunderbird Name

Report: Ford to Possibly Revive Thunderbird Name

The last Thunderbird was something of a mistake – Ford won’t let that happen again

  • The new Thunderbird could become the Chevrolet Corvette fighter.

  • Like the Lightning, the THUNDERbird would be resurrected for an EV.

It’s been almost a year and a half since Ford filed a trademark application sparking rumours of the return of the once-revered performance and luxury grand tourer. This is the first however that some form of confirmation is associated with the car’s return.

2002 Ford Thunderbird | Photo: Ford

Ford’s undeniably had massive success with revived nameplates. Models like the Bronco, Maverick, and Lightning are all incredibly desirable and borderline unobtanium given the interest and demand for each vehicle. The return of the Thunderbird could be another smash hit for the Blue Oval if done right.

The last Ford Thunderbird was basically a spark-free flightless bird. Sold in minuscule numbers between 2002 and 2005, it’s only cool today because of its quirkiness and rarity. The next Thunderbird will have loftier goals as it’s expected to be aimed squarely at the Chevrolet Corvette according to The Drive.

1991 Ford Thunderbird | Photo: Ford

We think the Thunderbird’s return will mark the arrival of an electric rival to America’s sports car. Although it might be difficult to imagine a six-figure Thunderbird, the Maverick’s a small pickup, a Bronco Raptor can easily be priced at over $100,000, and the Lightning is an electric version of the F-150. At Ford, anything’s possible.

If anything, the Thunderbird will double the number of cars offered by Ford.


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