Saturday, November 26, 2022
News Report: Genesis GV60 Will Get Wireless Charging

Report: Genesis GV60 Will Get Wireless Charging

Charging without a cord could change EV ownership

  • GV60 would be able to charge up without a plug in South Korea

  • Model could be first to market with wireless charging tech

The Genesis GV60 EV is going to offer a first for a production electric vehicle, says a new report. More than funky styling and that yellow paint, the GV60 is set to offer wireless EV charging from the factory on launch, and we can’t find any other production model ready to offer that game-changing feature.

Wireless charging, and we don’t mean giving your smartphone a boost, wasn’t mentioned by Genesis in the press materials for the crossover, but the automaker confirmed to Green Car Reports that the GV60 would be available with the ability to charge up without a plug.

Genesis will first offer the wireless charging tech in South Korea, says the report, and it will only be added as part of a pilot project for the vehicles in that market. Genesis couldn’t confirm to GCR when, or even if, wireless charging would make it to this side of the Pacific, but it would likely be highly desired anywhere the vehicle is sold.

While wireless charging has been held back by the lack of a standard for vehicles, the Society of Automotive Engineers announced late last year a first global standard that would allow inductive charging at up to 11 kW. It’s far from a Level 3 charge, but simply driving into a compatible parking space at a mall or grocery store and getting a charge as you shop is a convenience that many EV buyers would embrace.

Once the cars can have it, and now that there is a standard, it’s time for the infrastructure.


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