Monday, October 2, 2023
News Report: No V8s for the Next Mercedes-AMG C63 and E53 After All

Report: No V8s for the Next Mercedes-AMG C63 and E53 After All

Contrary to an earlier report, the Mercedes-AMG C63 is not likely to see its V8 engine return in 2026.

  • Only last week, sources claimed these models would see a V8 engine return in 2026.

  • Internal sources from the automaker are apparently denying this rumour.

  • This means that the next generation of these models will likely be powered by four or six-cylinder electrified powertrains.

A recent report from Car and Driver claimed that Mercedes-Benz would be bringing back the V8 engine in the next generation of the AMG C63, but this doesn’t appear to be the case anymore.

Indeed, another report from Auto Motor und Sport now claims internal sources within the company deny this information to be true, saying that the idea Mercedes-Benz would bring back a V8 in this model is “pure nonsense”.

This decision is also likely to impact the next generation of the AMG E63 since its current V8 engine is scheduled to be replaced.

The most likely reason why Mercedes wouldn’t bring back this powertrain starting in 2026 as the first report suggested is strengthening emissions regulations, particularly in Europe, where Euro 7 standards will come into effect in 2025.

This makes sense since it is also very likely to be the reason the company chose to replace the V8 with an electrified turbo four-cylinder in the 2024 AMG C63 in the first place, a move that saddened many enthusiasts.

This is also why the next AMG E63 will probably also receive a smaller electrified powertrain shortly.

Indeed, pollution standards and taxes based on engine displacement are making large-engined sports cars a tough sell in Europe, which is still a key market for Mercedes-Benz.

No details are out yet on the powertrains of the future AMG C63 and E63 models, but we expect the C63 to use a modernized version of the 2.0L mild hybrid setup that has just been introduced under its hood.

The next E63 could retain the services of this same powertrain, or its status might grant it access to a more prestigious engine, perhaps an electrified six-cylinder, as claimed by Autocar.

More details should come to light about the brand’s future direction with its AMG models in the coming months.

Source: Auto Motor und Sport via

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