Resto-modded 60s Ford Mustangs Have Electric Motors Good For 5,532 lb.-ft. Of Torque


British start-up Charge Cars will build 499 first-generation Mustang into electric quad-motor 5,532 lb.-ft. of torque tire shredders.

This is the type of news that will get certified petrolheads to consider that there is replacement for displacement. Under license from Ford, Charge Cars will build 499 60s Mustangs, constructed around modern frames, that will feature four electric motors, a 64 kWh battery, 536-horsepower and the ability to go from AWD to RWD at the touch of a button

If you can control yourself, the Mustang will manage up to 200 miles (320 km) of pure EV-driving. However, with a price tag that start at £300,000, roughly $380,000, the idea is not to be green, it’s to burn lots and lots of rubber. Those who can afford this car probably have a Porsche 918 or a McLaren P1 to get groceries.

Along with a freshly updated shell, the ‘Stang’s interior will be fully customized, feature a huge central touchscreen and a series of digital gauges. From the video, the build quality, or at the very least, the effort that goes into the building process looks quite complete.

The Charge Cars super-EV Mustang will make its first public appearance in the Michelin Supercar Paddock at the 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed.


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