Monday, March 4, 2024
News Rimac Nevera Gets Final Tweaks and Avoids the Snow Banks

Rimac Nevera Gets Final Tweaks and Avoids the Snow Banks

Nevera finishes cold weather testing

  • The 1,900 hp Nevera is tuned to handle even winter conditions

  • Car offers bespoke Pirelli winter tires


Rimac has just taken its Nevera EV to one of the most extreme environments in the world to make sure that the hypercar will be ready for almost anything the road can throw at it. Two weeks at the Arctic Circle helped fine-tune ABS, ESP, and torque vectoring as the automaker prepares to deliver the first examples of the model.

The testing was done at Pirelli’s Sottozeo Centre in Sweden, completed largely at night because of abnormally high daytime temperatures. When you’re building a 1,914 hp electric supercar like the Rimac Nevera, knowing that the electronic controls can respond properly and instantly to slippery road conditions is a must.

“Testing on a low grip surface like this allows us to make consistent and accurate observations on how our systems are performing in low temperatures,” said Chief Test and Development Driver Miroslav Zrnčević. “Things happen much more slowly than they would do on asphalt, and we have nice, even, smooth handling tracks so we know the data we get isn’t affected by surface imperfections or temperature swings. After these two weeks of testing, we’re happy to see exactly the results we wanted to achieve.”

It was also a chance to test out the car on its Pirelli P Zero Winter tires. The winter rubber was designed in partnership with Pirelli and Rimac to make sure it was up to the needs of the vehicle.

“For us, this cold weather testing process was an opportunity to put the final 0.1% of polish on the Nevera, ensuring it’s perfect as soon as our owners begin to receive them in just a couple of months,” said CEO Mate Rimac.

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