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NewsRimac Technology Partners with EVE Energy for European Battery Cell Production

Rimac Technology Partners with EVE Energy for European Battery Cell Production

Rimac Technology and EVE Energy are collaborating to produce battery cells in Europe, targeting sustainable energy solutions and strengthening the European supply chain.


·      The partnership between Rimac Technology and EVE Energy was announced at the IAA Mobility event in Munich.

·      The two companies are set to begin their joint effort in battery cell manufacturing in Europe by 2027.

·      Rimac Technology’s 46XX platform will utilize the said produced battery cells.


Rimac Technology, renowned for delivering top-tier automotive technology solutions globally, has formed an alliance with EVE Energy, a prominent lithium battery manufacturer. This strategic collaboration, unveiled at the IAA Mobility event in Munich, aims to kickstart battery cell production in Europe by 2027. The joint venture is a response to the growing demand for green energy alternatives and the need to reinforce the European supply chain.

Rimac-EVE | Photo : Rimac

EVE Energy, recognized for pioneering the 46xx cylindrical cell format, will primarily handle cell manufacturing. In contrast, Rimac Technology will concentrate on designing and producing battery modules and packs that will incorporate these cells. This synergy between the two firms ensures a harmonious blend of expertise, ensuring top-quality output.

Rimac Battery | Photo : Rimac

A significant component of this partnership revolves around the 46XX platform by Rimac Technology. This platform, earmarked for several high-volume projects with major European OEMs, delivers high-efficiency battery systems. These systems are not only cost-competitive but also boast complete customization options. Furthermore, they address the industry’s rigorous requirements by offering superior energy density, tailored cell-to-pack solutions, and a sophisticated battery management system.

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One distinctive feature of the 46XX cylindrical cells is their compliance with emerging thermal propagation regulations. This cylindrical shape is optimal for thermal management, a pivotal factor in ensuring electric vehicles’ safety and durability.

Rimac Nevera | Photo: Rimac

Matte Rimac, expressing his enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighted EVE Energy’s stature as a global leader in primary lithium battery production. He commended EVE’s commitment to advancing lithium battery solutions and remarked that their vision aligns with Rimac’s ambition to revolutionize the electric vehicle and energy storage domains. This collaboration not only marks the joining of two industry giants but also signifies a step forward in sustainable energy solutions for Europe.


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