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News Rivian Announced the Mid-sized R2 SUV for 2025

Rivian Announced the Mid-sized R2 SUV for 2025

Rivian announced a new model to be released in 2025: the R2 mid-size SUV.

  • Rivian is working on a smaller family of vehicles than its current R1 models

  • The R2 platform will host a midsize SUV that should be launched in 2025

  • This new model will be made in the upcoming Georgia factory

Rivian has just confirmed that a fourth model will be introduced in the next few years and it will not be built on its current platform.

The small automaker is currently making a truck (R1T) and an SUV (R1S) on its R1 platform as well as a commercial delivery van.

This new model, which has been confirmed to be a mid-size SUV will be built on a new smaller platform called R2.

This had already been teased by Rivian, but we now know the body style of the upcoming vehicle and its approximate release date, since the automaker said to expect it in 2025.

This new platform will not simply be a shortened version of the R1 however, since it will feature a new battery architecture that is not shared by the current models.

In addition, the R2 will be offered with a new single motor powertrain called Enduro. This will make it more affordable than the current models due to simplified mechanicals.

Rivian is also confident that the development of the R2 will be faster and less costly than the work that has been done to bring the R1 platform to market since the company will be able to use the knowledge and the experience it gained in the process.

Something that could complicate things a bit more however is that the R2 will not be built in Rivian’s current factory in Normal, Illinois. Indeed, it will be manufactured in the upcoming $5 billion factory in Georgia which should be ready in 2024.

According to previous information, this new facility will likely also produce the R1 series of vehicles alongside the existing plant.

Meanwhile, Rivian confirmed it still intends to produce 25,000 vehicles this year, which is still far from the 90,000 pre-orders it has, but it shows an increase in the production rate. As of now, the automaker says it has assembled around 5,000 vehicles since the start of production in September of last year.

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