Sunday, March 26, 2023
News Rivian Delayed the Introduction of the Larger Battery Until 2024 in Some...

Rivian Delayed the Introduction of the Larger Battery Until 2024 in Some Models

Rivian postponed the arrival of the Max Pack until 2024 in trucks equipped with four motors.

  • The Max Pack will Increase the maximum range of the R1T Quad Motor from 314 miles to over 400 miles

  • Dual Motor versions will start offering this battery next spring

  • A smaller battery could also be added to the Dual Motor version in 2024.

Rivian is still in the process of adding more powertrain options to its current lineup and some of its reservation holders will have to be patient if they wish to receive their R1T or R1S model exactly as they ordered it.

This is because the automaker has announced that customers who have ordered the largest battery (called Max Pack) in their Quad Motor truck or SUV will have to wait until 2024 before taking delivery.

This battery pack will be the biggest offered by Rivian which means that it will have a larger capacity than the 135 kWh “Large” battery.

This should be sufficient to bump the range of the Quad Motor electric pickup from 314 miles (505 kilometres) up to over 400 miles (644 kilometres), according to the manufacturer.

There will be a quicker way for buyers to benefit from the extra range that comes with the Max Pack however since this battery will be added to the new Dual Motor versions of the truck starting in spring 2023.

This new powertrain configuration will also be available with a smaller battery (called Standard) that should provide around 260 miles (418 kilometres) of range and a discount of $6,000 in the United States over the current models.

As with the Quad Motor Max Pack, the Standard Pack Dual Motor version is not expected to reach paying customers before 2024.

Rivian has yet to announce the full specifications of either the Max or the Standard batteries. These details will most likely be revealed in the coming months.

Source: The Kilowatts (Twitter) 

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