Monday, November 28, 2022
News Rivian Failed to Get Certified by Transport Canada

Rivian Failed to Get Certified by Transport Canada

Rivian will have to try again in order to get its vehicles certified for sale in Canada.

  • This means the company can’t sell vehicles in Canada for now

  • A report cites issues with units of measure, labels, noise and anti-theft features

  • Rivian can reapply for certification as soon as it has fixed all of the issues

Rivian failed to obtain a certification from Transport Canada due to a number of non-compliance issues.

This means that Canadian reservation holders will have to continue waiting for their R1T or R1S electric trucks and SUVs.

After having blown past the original target for Canadian sales, which was set for November of 2021, Rivian announced it would apply for a certification from Transport Canada in September of 2022.

This was done on time, just a few days ago, but surprisingly, the application was rejected by the government agency over a number of non-compliance issues.

Transport Canada didn’t reveal the specifics of why Rivian failed, saying only that the automaker «has yet to provide satisfactory evidence of compliance to all applicable Canadian motor vehicle safety standards» in a statement made to Drive Tesla Canada.

This certification is needed for automakers to be able to sell their vehicles in Canada in order to make sure they comply with all of the laws that apply to the Canadian market, which differ from the US laws in a number of ways.

In a document produced by Rivian, the issues are described as relating to units of measure, telltales, labels, noise standards, and anti-theft features.

Having failed to obtain the certification is not dramatic since Rivian can reapply as soon as it has fixed all of the issues, which seem fairly minor.

The company hasn’t announced a timeframe in which it expects to have rectified the problems and obtained the certification, but many Canadian owners hope this will be done sooner rather than later.

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