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NewsRivian Investor Deck Hints At New Affordable Models

Rivian Investor Deck Hints At New Affordable Models

Expect Rivian to expand its lineup

  • Rivian plans five new models soon

  • One large, and three labeled “Affordable”

Hot off of a huge investment from the Volkswagen Group, Rivian is going big. The electric startup has announced plans for five new and updated models in the next few years, including some we haven’t seen before.

The announcement came as part of an investor slide show (via Autoblog). The automaker put its vehicles into four categories, and the new ones were in the fourth.

Rivian’s first was the ones we already know well. Called Gen 1, it includes the Rivian R1S and R1T pickup as well as its electric Amazon delivery van. Gen 2 is the updated R1T and R1S models that have just gone on sale. There’s one model hidden under a curtain in the Gen 2 slide, so we haven’t seen it yet.

MSP, or Midsize Platform, includes the R2, R3, and R3X. These are the smaller models that Rivian revealed earlier this year. They’re expected to hit production in a couple of years, but the new chart shows that there will be a third. It could be a smaller truck, but we’re not sure.

Then there’s the final column, dubbed Affordable Mass Market. All three are under cloth, meaning we haven’t seen them at all. Affordable can vary widely from person to person and company to company, but Rivian has said that the R2 will be $45k, and the R3 less than that. Anything entry-level would then have to be in the $35k range when it goes on sale.

The cars won’t come anytime soon, though. The R2 won’t arrive until 2026, and the R3 will come after that. Expect the entry-level cars last, meaning near the end of the decade. If the $5B is enough to keep the company going.



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