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NewsRivian is on Track to Meet its 2022 Production Goals

Rivian is on Track to Meet its 2022 Production Goals

Rivian increased its production by 67% in the last quarter.

  • The automaker’s production increased 67% during the last quarter.

  • Rivian wants to build 25,000 vehicles in 2022.

  • The company has now produced 14,317 vehicles since January.

Rivian took a long time to ramp up its production scale, but it now seems to have found its pace and it is on the way to achieving its targets for 2022.

Indeed, after months of seeing only a dozen electric trucks, vans, and SUVs rolling off its Illinois assembly line, Rivian boosted its output by 67% in the third quarter of 2022.

This means that the company made 7,363 vehicles during that three-month period, of which 6,584 are already in their owner’s possession.

Since the numbers have not been broken down by model, it is impossible to tell how many of the vehicles were delivery vans that are destined for Amazon.

Since the online retailer ordered 100,000 of these vans to be delivered by 2030, it is likely that Rivian is giving them priority in the build schedule.

Rivian EDV-700 in Amazon livery | Photo: Rivian
Rivian EDV-700 in Amazon livery | Photo: Rivian

Nevertheless, these vans also count toward the automaker’s production goal, which is to manufacture 25,000 vehicles between January and December 2022.

So far, Rivian says it has built 14,317 vehicles since the beginning of the year, which means that the recent increase in production will allow the automaker to reach its target.

All is not perfect, however, since the 25,000-vehicle goal is not the first one that was set by Rivian for 2022.

Indeed, the company initially planned to have 50,000 units of its three models roll off the line this year, but production constraints and delays forced it to cut its target in half back in March.


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