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NewsRivian is Pushing Back the Delivery of Many of its R1S SUVs

Rivian is Pushing Back the Delivery of Many of its R1S SUVs

Rivian is pointing the finger at supply chain issues and a lack of service infrastructure for new delays in the delivery of the R1S.

  • Many buyers of the R1S have received a letter stating that they will have to wait longer for their SUV

  • The reasons for the delays are given as a supply chain issues and a lack of infrastructure in certain areas

  • Most owners now have to wait until October through December to take delivery

Buyers of the Rivian R1S electric SUV will have to wait a few months longer than they originally planned before they can take delivery of their new vehicle.

In letters sent to many owners, Rivian states that concerns with the supply chain and a lack of service infrastructure are causing delays in the delivery of its second model.

The component shortages and the supply chain crisis that has affected the entire automotive industry for over two years now are still causing problems at Rivian since the company seems to have trouble securing enough parts to produce its vehicles at the desired rate.

In order to maximize its output with the limited parts it has, the automaker has resorted to prioritizing certain vehicle configurations, which appear to be focused on the R1T pickup. Indeed, owners of the R1T have not reported additional production delays.

The other reason given by the company will affect buyers of the electric pickup, however, since it says it is giving priority to orders coming from areas where its network of service establishments is strongest, meaning closer to the east and west coasts.

What this means for R1S reservation holders is that their SUV will arrive a few months later than their initial delivery date stated. For most of them, the delivery is now due during the months of October, November, or December, instead of the previously announced March or April.

Other owners have been luckier, with a new estimated delivery in August or September and another says it has not received any updates, which could mean their vehicle will be on-time.

These new delivery estimates only apply to the people who already have a reservation however, newcomers who want to add their name to the list will have to wait until the end of 2023 and possibly later before driving away in their Rivian R1S.


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