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News Rivian is Working on Many New Technologies, Including an 800 Volt Architecture

Rivian is Working on Many New Technologies, Including an 800 Volt Architecture

Rivian is working on many new technologies that will improve its vehicle's range and efficiency in the next few years.

  • 800 Volt systems, a heat pump and bidirectional charging will be integrated into Rivian vehicles in the coming years

  • The automaker will also offer a new powertrain configuration with a dual motor AWD instead of the Quad motor setup

  • Rivian is also working on LFP batteries

Rivian recently announced that it is working on a bunch of new technologies that will be used in its vehicles in the coming years.

These techs range from a heat pump to an all-new electric architecture, but all should increase the range and the performance of the company’s vehicles.

The biggest piece of technology that was announced is the 800 Volt architecture, which will replace the current 400-volt system.

This was to be expected since the industry is going towards the more powerful system, with Audi, Porsche, Hyundai, Kia and Genesis already using it.

This could mean faster charging times and more power from the motors. To support this system, new batteries will have to be used and Rivian announced that the upcoming standard battery pack will used LFP cells instead of the nickel chemistry that is currently found in the company’s packs.

According to the automaker, this battery technology will be more cost-effective while providing the same range as the current chemistry. These units will first be installed in the EDV vans later this year, but the R1T and R1S will have to wait until 2024.

In addition to the new battery type, the change to 800 volts will bring new powertrain configurations. In addition to the quad motor all-wheel drive setup currently used, R1T and R1S models will gain a dual motor AWD system which will function like other such systems on the market, by placing a motor on each axle. This new powertrain will be offered at a similar price to the current quad motor version, since the latter will receive an increase in price. This powertrain is expected in 2023.

Another powertrain change will affect the EDV vans, which currently uses the same elements has the pickup and the SUV. Starting at the end of the year, the standard drivetrain will become a single motor front-wheel drive setup while a dual motor AWD system will be available.

In order to improve cold weather range, Rivian will soon fit a heat pump to its vehicle’s heating system, like many other EV makers are currently doing.

The list of changes ends with an improved infotainment system and most notably, a bidirectional charging system which could be used to power something from the vehicle’s battery, for example, a residential battery pack, which was hinted at by company execs.

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