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News Rivian is Working on Many Upcoming Vehicles

Rivian is Working on Many Upcoming Vehicles

Rivian could be working on a variety of new vehicles that should be introduced by 2025

  • Rivian’s CEO has promised six new vehicles from the brand by 2025, and it looks like the company will reach this goal

  • Vehicles under development allegedly include a 4×4 that could compete with the Jeep Wrangler, a heavy-duty pickup, bigger that the R1T and a line of smaller trucks and SUVs

  • Rivian is also looking into going public in the near future

Rivian has just started production of its R1T pickup, the first production vehicle from the company, but also the first fully-electric pickup truck to reach market.

The second vehicle from the company has already been announced: the R1S will be a large SUV closely related to the R1T that is set to reach the public in a few months.

In addition, the company has already started building electric delivery vans for Amazon.

Since six vehicles have been promised, three remain. The First of which could be a smaller, two row performance SUV designed to compete with the Jeep Wrangler, but also the Land Rover Defender and the Porsche Cayenne.

Indeed, this SUV (which will probably be named R1X) will feature large amounts of ground clearance and very powerful motors, up to 1,200 horsepower according to the rumours, and it should use powertrains components built entirely in-house since Rivian is trying to cut its reliance on outside suppliers.

Another vehicle that could be added to the company’s lineup is a heavy-duty pickup, larger than the R1T. This truck would compete with the 2500 and HD variants of other automaker’s trucks with an increased payload and towing capacity, although no details are known about it yet.

Rivian R1S | Photo: Rivian

Finally, the last vehicle that was announced might actually be a family of new products that would take on the prefix “R2”. These vehicles will be smaller SUVs and trucks than those built on the “R1” platform and they could use twin and triple-motor powertrains, but they are unlikely to benefit from the quad-motor setup seen in the R1T and R1S.

Rivian’s goal is to be present in most important market segments in the near future, but its policy is to keep quiet on upcoming models, so we might not know much more about them before they are ready to make their commercial debut.

Source: Motortrend

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