Thursday, July 18, 2024
NewsRivian Latest Automaker to Join Tesla Supercharger Network

Rivian Latest Automaker to Join Tesla Supercharger Network

Tesla signs on another automaker

  • Rivian will start putting Tesla plugs on its vehicles

  • Charging with adaptor available next year

Just weeks after Ford and General Motors announced the move to hop on the Tesla Supercharger bandwagon, Rivian has announced it is doing the same. The new electric truck and SUV builder has made a deal to put the Tesla connector on its models starting in 2025.

“We’re excited to work with Tesla and to see collaborations like this help advance the world toward carbon neutrality. The adoption of the North American Charging Standard will enable our existing and future customers to leverage Tesla’s expansive Supercharger network while we continue to build out our Rivian Adventure Network. We look forward to continuing to find new ways to accelerate EV adoption,” said Rivian founder and CEO RJ Scaringe.

Rivian said that it would make an adaptor for its vehicles to use Tesla Supercharger stations starting as early as next spring. It will add the charge ports to its models in 2025, and its second-generation platform will use that connector.

At the same time, Rivian will continue to expand its own charging network. The Rivian Adventure Network currently has plans for 3,500 DC fast chargers at 600 sites in the U.S. and Canada. These chargers use the CCS connector, and Rivian did not announce plans to change that going forward.

While Tesla has the advantage of the largest single charging network at more than 45,000 stations, Rivian (like GM and Ford) will not be able to use all of them. The compatibility extends only to V3 stations, of which there are around 12,000.

Tesla V3 stations support charging at up to 250 kW and are 400V only. This means that vehicles that support 800V charging will not be able to fully use their max charge capabilities.



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