Monday, October 3, 2022
News Rivian Launches its First Recall Shortly After Reaching a Production Rate of...

Rivian Launches its First Recall Shortly After Reaching a Production Rate of 1,000 Units per Month

Rivian is recalling 501 units of the R1T for an airbag problem shortly after having reached a production rate of 1,000 units per month.

  • Rivian has recently been able to increase its production over the level of 1,000 unit per month

  • The first recall is caused by a defective airbag sensor in the passenger seat

  • The remedy is to have the entire seat replaced.

Rivian launched the first recall of its short history recently, not long after having finally reached the 1,000 car per month production level.

Since it began the production of its R1T and R1S trucks and SUVs in September of last year, Rivian has been trying to increase its production rate enough to be able to meet the demand for its vehicles.

Just as it reached the 1,000 units per month number, the company had to launch its first ever recall.

This recall campaign affects 502 units of the R1T pickup but interestingly, the R1S appears to be free from the defect despite that large number of parts and components the two vehicles share.

The problem is that the weigh sensor in the front passenger seat could have been improperly calibrated by their manufacturer, which could lead to injuries if the airbag refuses to deploy or if it deploys when it shouldn’t.

For many years now, cars have been required to use a sensor in the front passenger seat that detects the weight of an occupant and deactivates the passenger airbag when it determines that the person sitting there is too light.

This is because airbags are powerful enough to cause injuries to small children and especially if a rear facing child seat is installed up front, which should never be done.

In the case the the affected Rivian pickups, the sensor could fail to deactivate the airbag if a child is seated up front due to an improper calibration.

Apparently, the signs that this problem is present is a seatbelt chime that sounds even when the passenger seat is empty or a “passenger airbag off” light that stays on or doesn’t illuminate.

To fix the problem, the automaker is recalling all of the R1S units built between September 21, 2021 and April 12, 2022, which amounts to 502 trucks.

Despite this problem seemingly being caused by software, owners will have to take their vehicle to a repair center, where the entire front passenger seat will be replaced free of charge.

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