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NewsRivian Lights Up R1T, Powering 20,000 Christmas Lights

Rivian Lights Up R1T, Powering 20,000 Christmas Lights

Truck powers Christmas cheer

  • 20,000 bulbs plugged into one truck

  • Display for employees and families near factory home

What’s the point of an electric pickup if you can’t plug things into it, right? Rivian is here to deck the halls as well as the timber and show off what an all-electric vehicle can deliver in the great outdoors.

Rivian says that more than 20,000 lights are connected to the single outlet in the back of the Rivian R1T pickup, letting it light up the night at the Timber Pointe Outdoor Center. Because even in the brand’s hometown of Normal, nothing is normal this year, they invited the company’s families out to check out the lights and what looks like hot cocoa. Though we don’t think the carafes are plugged into the truck too.

It’s the winter wonderland we all need this holiday season, made possible by the 135 kWh standard battery pack. It can do 483 km on the road, but how does it do when it comes to all these lights?

The beauty of LED lights is that a string of 1,000 uses only about 70 watts. So these 20,000 lights would use about 1,400 watts. We know that’s close since this is a household-style socket and they normally have a 15-amp fuse that allows around 1,800 watts. EV batteries normally allow the use of around 70 percent of the total capacity, with the rest a reserve to protect the pack. Assume a 95 percent inverter efficiency and you’re looking at around 65 hours of lighting before you need to start to worry about low power and not getting out of the woods.

Ok, forget all that math, just enjoy the holidays lit up by Rivian, and spot the adorable dogs in the clip



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