Wednesday, October 4, 2023
News Rivian Patents a New Camp Kitchen, this time for the R1S SUV

Rivian Patents a New Camp Kitchen, this time for the R1S SUV

Rivian could bring back the Camp Kitchen option but this time, on the R1S SUV.

  • The Camp Kitchen was initially proposed for the R1T pickup, before being cancelled.

  • This option adds an electric cooktop, storage spaces, and the option for a water pump.

  • From what can be seen in the patent, this kitchen could be located under the cargo floor.

A new patent filed by Rivian shows that the company hasn’t abandoned the idea of the Camp Kitchen even if it canceled it for the R1T earlier this year.

Indeed, this available mobile kitchen setup was one of the most publicized features of the R1T pickup at launch, but it wasn’t very popular with buyers and proved challenging to make, which prompted the company to remove it from the option list.

According to a poll posted on Rivian Forums back in 2020, only 7% of reservation holders had sprung for the Camp Kitchen, which was a $5,000 option on the already quite expensive R1T.

Nevertheless, Rivian seems committed to this option which fits perfectly with the outdoorsy and adventurous image it wants its vehicles to project.

Rivian Camp Kitchen patent | Photo: USPTO via Rivian Forums

From what can be seen in the patent, the Camp Kitchen would include a two-burner electric cooktop, some counter space, and a collapsible bin. A “water pump apparatus” which includes a reservoir and a retractable hose can also be ordered separately.

Like the Camp Kitchen proposed for the R1T pickup, this setup for the R1S is fitted on rails that allow it to easily move in and out of the vehicle to accommodate a quick lunch stop on the side of an off-road trail, for example.

Of course, the new Camp Kitchen is very different from the old one since the R1S doesn’t have the “Gear Tunnel” that can be found behind the cab and under the bed of the pickup, which is where this option was to be installed on the pickup.

Instead, the R1S will see its Camp Kitchen being placed under the floor of the cargo area, with the rails allowing it to extend out of the rear of the vehicle.

2022 Rivian R1S | Photo: Rivian

Source: Rivian Forums

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