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NewsRivian Planning on R1S Summer Launch

Rivian Planning on R1S Summer Launch

Supply chain issues are easing enabling Rivian to begin R1S full-scale production

  • Those already assembled were destined for employees.

  • Deliveries should now begin in August or September.

Only yesterday we reported that Rivian’s situation was improving. Demand for both their R1T pickup and R1S SUV is huge but various setbacks constantly threw wrenches in their plans.

Rivian Expects to Deliver 25,000 Vehicles this Year

As supply chain problems begin to ease, the EV startup company will finally begin rolling out the SUV. Although some have been assembled, none were sent to customers as they were reserved for employees including Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe who took the first one off the line.

Production of the R1T is ramping up and Rivian has said that they are on track to build 25,000 vehicles this year.

“Supply chain and production are ramping!” CEO Scaringe wrote on Twitter as reported by Automotive News. “We just announced production of 4,401 vehicles for Q2 bringing our cumulative total since start of production to 7,969 — keeping us on track to reach our year-end goals.”

Rivian has at least 90,000 reservations for both R1 platform-based trucks. US pre-order holders should be taking delivery from August or September. Deliveries for new Canadian reservations are expected to begin in late 2023.

Once production hits its peak, the company’s assembly plant in Illinois will produce 150,000. That figure will increase to 200,000. As well, they will open their second plant near Atlanta in 2025.


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