Tuesday, February 7, 2023
News Rivian Plans to Deliver More Than 1,000 Vehicles by the End of...

Rivian Plans to Deliver More Than 1,000 Vehicles by the End of the Year

Rivian plans to build more than 1,200 vehicles by the end of the year

  • Rivian has only started production of its R1T on September 14th

  • Over 1,200 vehicles will be produced and 1,000 will be delivered before January

  • Rumours that Rivian is prioritising Amazon vans seem to be false

Rivian released more documents ahead of its expected Initial Public Offering (IPO) that show its total production to date and its goals for the rest of the year.

The young automaker only began production of its first model, the R1T electric pickup on September 14 of this year and its production rate is still very low, but at the level that is expected at this point for such a company.

The documents indicate that at the end of October, 180 Rivian R1T models had been produced and out of those, 156 had been delivered to their owner. This means that about 3.8 vehicles have been produced daily for the first 48 days of production.

According to the same documents, the rumours that said Rivian was going to prioritise production of the delivery vans for Amazon over its consumer vehicles appear to be false, at least for now.

Indeed, the production schedule for the rest of 2021 was made public and it shows that the company intends to produce about 1,200 R1T pickups, of which 1,000 should be in customer’s hands by New Year’s Day.

In addition, the first 25 units of the closely related R1S SUV will roll off the assembly line and 15 of them are expected to reach their buyers.

The Delivery vans should only account for 10 units of the 2021 production, but all of them should be released to Amazon by the end of the year, perhaps soon enough to help with the massive increase in deliveries experienced by online retailers every year before Christmas.

There is nothing to say that Rivian won’t shift its focus to the delivery vans in 2022, but it is currently looking good for the more than 55,400 people who have pre-ordered the R1T or R1S, 7,000 more than by the end of September.

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