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NewsRivian R1T Towing Test Shows a 62% Range Loss

Rivian R1T Towing Test Shows a 62% Range Loss

Towing is something the Rivian R1T was built to do but the cost is relatively high

  • The R1T is rated to two up to 11,000 lbs.

  • Rivian claims a roughly 50% range drop when towing.

Electric vehicles have already proven that they are extremely quick and, depending on the model, capable of traveling reasonable distances between charges. Like their petrol- and diesel-burning counterparts, electric trucks must also be able to work. The first full-electric pickup to hit the market, the Rivian R1T, has been put to the test.

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The test involved a Ford Mustang being loaded onto an open trailer being hauled from Detroit, MI, to Los Angeles, CA. While the weight of the trailer and the Mustang isn’t specified, it’s unlikely to exceed, if by only a little, half of the R1T’s rated 11,000-lb towing capacity. The original story does report that the total combined weight of the Mustang, trailer, and R1T to be 14,620 lbs.

The resulting range test is a little rough around the edges. Although Rivian states that towing will reduce range “by about 50%”, the tester calculated a 62% range loss. Based on the images posted on gideontherivian’s Instagram account, the Rivian shows 44 miles of range remaining with a battery at a 37% state of charge. Driveteslacanada did the math and, based on a range of 315 miles (505km) with a fully charged 135 kWh battery, this works out to just 118 of range.

An element that may possibly partially explain the difference between the “about 50%” and 62% range drop is speed. An image shows the caravan traveling at 73 mph (117 km/h) which could be considered excessive.


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