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News Rivian R1T Transformed into Apocalypse Nirvana Off-Road Beast

Rivian R1T Transformed into Apocalypse Nirvana Off-Road Beast

Apocalypse Manufacturing gives the Rivian R1T an extreme off-road makeover, resulting in the Apocalypse Nirvana, rivaling even the Tesla Cybertruck in appearance.


  • Rivian R1T’s original design, sometimes described as understated, gets a bold transformation by Apocalypse Manufacturing.

  • The revamped truck, named Apocalypse Nirvana, boasts angular panels and is equipped for rugged terrains.

  • Joe Ghattas, behind the modification, expresses a desire to collaborate directly with Rivian in the future.


The Rivian R1T, while known for its speed and power, has often been viewed as less imposing due to its rounded headlights and contemporary body design. Recognizing this disparity between appearance and capability, Apocalypse Manufacturing took on the challenge of reimagining the R1T, resulting in the Apocalypse Nirvana.

Rivian R1T Apocalypse Nirvana | Photo : Apocalypse Manufacturing

The transformed R1T now stands tall, ready for challenging terrains, bearing a striking resemblance to the Tesla Cybertruck, albeit with a more conventional allure. The modifications are not merely cosmetic. Joe Ghattas, the person behind SoFlo Customs and Apocalypse Manufacturing, emphasized the impressive performance of the R1T, noting its nearly 1,000 horsepower and remarkable acceleration.

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To align the truck’s aesthetics with its capabilities, Ghattas and his team undertook extensive modifications. “We rebodied the entire truck, elevated it to accommodate 38-inch tires, and added a robust skid plate for genuine off-roading,” he remarked. However, the modification journey was intricate. The team fabricated each part of the upgraded suspension components and navigated challenges with the R1T’s sensors and safety features.

Rivian R1T Apocalypse Nirvana | Photo : Apocalypse Manufacturing

Despite the rigorous process, Ghattas remains highly impressed with Rivian’s technology. He expressed an aspiration to establish a deeper relationship with Rivian, likening his role to that of Shelby or Brabus for other car brands. With all its enhancements, the quad-motor Apocalypse Nirvana, derived from the Rivian R1T, carries an anticipated price tag of around $150,000.

Rivian R1T Apocalypse Nirvana | Photo : Apocalypse Manufacturing

Rivian R1T Apocalypse Nirvana | Photo : Apocalypse Manufacturing

Rivian R1T Apocalypse Nirvana | Photo : Apocalypse Manufacturing

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