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News Rivian Teases the R2 SUV in the Background of a Q&A Video

Rivian Teases the R2 SUV in the Background of a Q&A Video

Rivian gave a glimpse at the upcoming R2 platform by showing a covered clay model in the background of its latest Q&A video.

  • A full-size clay model covered with a tarp can be seen behind the company’s CEO and design team leader.

  • This SUV is rumoured to be about the same size as the Ford Bronco Sport.

  • Rivian wants to build 200,000 vehicles based on the R2 platform in 2026 alone.

Rivian has been working on a new family of electric vehicles for a while already and it has now teased one of the upcoming models.

Named R2, this new family of EVs will be smaller and more affordable than the current R1T and R1S models.

Planned for a 2025 or 2026 introduction, these models have been hinted at a number of times already but this is the first time the company actually gives us a look at them.

During a video Q&A session hosted by the automaker’s CEO and design team leader, a clay model of an upcoming R2 SUV can be seen in the background, covered by a tarp.

This doesn’t reveal a whole lot of details about the future model’s appearance, but it at least gives an idea of its general shape and dimensions.

From what can be seen, this model will resemble the current R1S by being very boxy and featuring a flat rear end.

Rumours also say that an R2 SUV will be similar in size to the Ford Bronco Sport, which means it should have a length of about 4.5 meters, 0.5 less than the R1S.

While design aspects have not been touched on for the R2 family, a poster seen in the video gives a glance at a front end that will feature the same distinctive elements as the larger models.

In addition to this future SUV, the R2 platform will spawn a number of other models that should be priced around $40,000 in the United States, which is significantly more affordable than the R1 family.

This is why the automaker expects to build 200,000 units of these models in 2026 alone despite having only manufactured 25,000 R1S and R1T models in 2022.

While these smaller models are expected to be powered by a smaller battery than the current Rivian vehicles, their official range might not be much different due to their lower weight.

More details are expected in the coming months since these new models are expected to make their way to the North American market in 2025 or 2026.

Source: InsideEVs

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