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NewsRivian Trademark Hints At Upcoming SuperTruck

Rivian Trademark Hints At Upcoming SuperTruck

New Rivian model could be coming

  • R1X could be an electric Raptor-fighter

  • R3X reveal sheds more light on the possibilities

A new trademark from Rivian could mean a hotter version of the company’s flagship R1 models is on the way. The R1X trademark was filed last year, ahead of the company’s announcement of the R3X model.

Rivian has just announced its second-generation models. The smaller R2 and smaller again R3 electric crossovers that the company sees as its move from EV startup to profitable automaker. That announcement makes the R1X trademark make a little bit more sense.

The R1X trademark was found by a user on Rivian Forums (via Carbuzz). The trademark was granted and published in August of last year, but, well, nobody looked.

It might not have made sense anyway—at least not before we saw the reveal of the Rivian R3X. Rivian hasn’t detailed that one, but they showed what looked like a more rugged and higher-performance variant of the R3 crossover. That would make an R1X likely an electric answer to maybe not the Ford F-150 Raptor but possibly the Chevrolet Silverado ZR2. On the other hand, it might not get a massive widebody, but it is certainly available with Raptor-crushing horsepower.

That’s all we have for now, but Rivian does have some other possible names in the pipe. There are R4 and R5 models, in S and T raviants, and some other letter combinations for the R1 and R2. Though those older marks could simply be Rivian making sure nobody comes to close to the names it is using.


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