Sunday, August 14, 2022
News Rivian will Begin Deliveries to Canada in November

Rivian will Begin Deliveries to Canada in November

Rivian updated its expected delivery schedule to Canada and now expects the first units to arrive in November.

  • This is close to a year later than initially announced, but a year earlier than the latest predictions claimed

  • The company’s vehicles are not currently certified by Transport Canada

  • Deliveries are prioritized in areas where Rivian already has a service infrastructure

Rivian says it expects to begin deliveries of its models in Canada in November of this year, despite having recently sent emails to reservation holders that claimed a delivery in the second half of 2023.

The small automaker is still trying to achieve its targeted production rate and this is having an effect on its deliveries of vehicles, especially in Canada.

Buyers in the United States have begun receiving their vehicles over the last couple of months, but Canadian reservation holders are still waiting since none of the units allocated to them have made it across the border.

This is because the company has yet to obtain a certification from Transport Canada in order to be allowed to sell its vehicles here. This shouldn’t be difficult to do since the safety requirements are very similar to those mandated in the U.S, but it could take some time.

Rivian is already quite late considering its initial schedule called for the first vehicles to arrive in Canada in November of 2021, but it might not be as late as expected.

Indeed, the automaker now says to expect the electric trucks to reach their Canadian buyers starting in November of 2022, but it had previously announced a much longer deadline.

In a recent email sent to reservation holders across Canada, Rivian told them to expect their vehicle to arrive only in the second half of 2023. The reasons given for this delay in the email were problems with the supply chain and the prioritization of areas where the company already has a service infrastructure.

The shortened delay could hint at an improvement in terms of supply chain constraints since Rivian still doesn’t have any infrastructure in Canada.

The automaker is currently building a second factory in Georgia in order to supplement its Illinois plant, which will help it meet the demand for its R1T and R1S models before it can introduce its R2 series.

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